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BoSox Babes

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Lets do something silly for Don Orsillo [20 May 2010|08:31pm]

Don and Jerry are talking a lot about Don's new 'office space' in Fenway Park. If I did not know better, I would say Jerry is a bit miffed that he did not think of it first. Don is talking about how his little office space needs some nice decoration, and I think I have just the thing.

Pictures of fans wearing Red Sox gear. Any body else think this is a good idea???

Here is his NESN page Don Orsillo
Or follow him on face book Don on facebook

He even has a twitter account that he almost never uses Don on twitter

He only has 287 followers, and less than 600 on facebook. We should be able to fix that.

Or we could use snail mail.

Attn: Don Orsillo
480 Arsenal Street, Building #1
Watertown, MA 02472

I think it might be fun, any one care to join me?
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IT'S [08 Feb 2008|04:07pm]

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Home Run Derby [11 Jul 2006|11:23pm]

I was pretty disappointed in Papi's performance in the Home Run Derby. He coulda hit a few more than that! But it was awesome how many he hit out of the park....
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Youk is being a goof [21 Jun 2006|08:49pm]

I think in the future they should avoid putting a mike on Kevin in the future.  Or he thinks he is channeling Millar.    

He just asked Terry what he would do if he got let go by  the Sox?

Earlier he asked one of the Nationals player how he liked playing in Boston.
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Welcome back Gabe [19 Jun 2006|08:38pm]

Nice standing ovation for Gabe on his first time at the plate.   

But has any one told Trot he is not playing today?   I swear, I love the guy, but...........     

The lights are on, yet no ones is home sometimes ...........................
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[27 May 2006|10:14pm]


Congratulation Curt on your 200th career win.


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. [26 Dec 2005|11:57pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

soooo i think you should join cameraxwhore :)
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Pictures [02 Sep 2005|12:27pm]

Hey guys I'm new to this community but I have a ton of pictures from this season go ahead and check them out if you want =)

GO SOX :-p

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[01 Sep 2005|10:22pm]

OK. So here is my update on last night. We left around 1, and it rained all the way there until about Brookline Village on the T. We got to Fenway around 4:35 and waited for the gates to open and I hung around by the dugout, got my pic taken for Redsox.com with my sign(I'm not telling you where it is..is FUGLY UGH) and yea. I went to my seats and they were pretty damn good since Gabe was always in view. Yeah, I know. It was lovely. Of 35 pics on my camera..at least 20 are of him..um yeah haha. So yeah it was fun, esp. since we won. Stayed after again to see players leave. Johnny Olerud gave us baseball cards with autos on them, instead of signing. How nice :).I got Papa Jack's autograph since I was the lone person who stayed (along with my dad) and yeah. I saw Mirabelli and called for him, but he was like nah, but then when he pulled out he saw I was the only one, he rolled down his window and signed for me. He let me take a pic. Then I waited for a bit longer and I saw Gabe. I was sitting on the ground and I like flew up. I was like "GABE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" and he said "thank you" and signed my ball and I asked him if I could take a pic, I took 3 since they like kept not coming out. There was some drunk guy (who got $100 from Manny just so he's stop following him), and he was like fucking blabbing and Gabe was like, trying to deal with it. Drunk guy was like "KAPLA YOU PROMISED ME A BAT" " I promised you a bat?" "YEAH LAST WEEK IF YOU BROKE ONE" "Oh, if I broke one. I didn't break one". Gabe could def. tell this guy was ruining my expierence. I should have pretended that the drunk was grabbing my ass and have Gabe do something lol. I told Gabe I met him last week lol & he was liek "Oh really?" (not mean though lol) and I said Happy Bday again before he left.

YAY PICSCollapse )
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No Sox related, Sorry, But I need some help with an English assignment [28 Aug 2005|07:32pm]

Okay for my College Prep English class, which is a college level class we had an assignment to read and respond to this article. It was about a lesbian realizing shes gay and coming out to her family. She goes into a lot of details and it makes me REALLY uncomfortable. So I didn't finish the whole thing. Should I just write what I can from what I did read or write that I didn't finish it because it made me uncomfortable? Finishing reading isn't an option.

I don't have anything against people who are gay. I'm very pro-choice with anything like that, but I just don't like to hear about it. I don't want to come off as closed-minded. I just don't like the hear details about everything. I'm this way about ANYTHING sexual, not just gay people.
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[27 Aug 2005|03:32am]

Red Sox winning + Autographs + talking with Kapler=best night everCollapse )
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[26 Aug 2005|02:57pm]

BoSox-Royals Game2Collapse )
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[25 Aug 2005|08:51pm]

Look at what I won

:D babahahah I am so excited I hope it comes in the mail soon!
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[25 Aug 2005|08:43pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey everyone.

I was really bored today so i listed some sox players in order of HOTNESSCollapse )

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[25 Aug 2005|06:37pm]

Hey ladies. I'm going to a game tomorrow (my first in 3 years! Way too long to go without seeing a game) and I am excited as hell. I have luxury box seats on the 3B side, but I plan on hanging around on the first base side before the game and taking delicous pics. I'm not to sure of who's pitching. The Sox site said Wake yesterday, but it said TBA today (Wake's stats were still up.) Oh well, I'll find out tomorrow. Wakefield is pitching. I'll also see him on Wed the 31st, 'cause I'm going again (RF box).

I'm excited :D.
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//stamped Boston Red Sox-Kansas City Royals game Pictures [24 Aug 2005|12:11am]

I may not be tooo active the next few days.
I've got baseball games every night this week, a date Friday, and a Debate workshop Saturday
Buuuut heres a few picturesCollapse )
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